It's therapeutic to write about oneself...

I am a freelance Graphic Designer with 25 plus years of learning and teaching experience. I am passionate and sincere. I possess a measure of intelligence and have been labeled as a critical thinker by an HR professional.  I’m great conversationalist when I join in. I am creative and enjoy solving problems. I like to think outside the box when needed and apply humor to situations.

As I Graphics Designer it is my job to combine technology, aesthetics, creative thinking, and problem solving to communicate your message which will remain etched in the mind of your audiences.

Today’s Graphic Designers — also known as communication designers — are involved in many different types of design work.  Over the course of my career, I have worked in a number of different disciplines within the field. I have been involved in Corporate Design, Branding, Logo Design, Desktop Publishing, Environmental Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Website Graphic Design, Brochure and Book Cover Design, Label Design, Mobile App Design — UI and Database —,  Custom Clothing  Designs for Uniforms and T-Shirts,  Stationary Design, Signage Design, Vehicle Wrap Design, and Authoring.