A little bit of about these..

1898 Courthouse Staff - North Bay

This was one of my most favorite restoration projects. I was commissioned by the Honourable Mr. Justice Larry Klein to restore the 30″ 1898 photo of the North Bay Ontario courthouse staff. 

I was asked to maintain the “old photo look” but to output as a black and a white photo and not sepia tone.

I used a 2400 DPI optical, high resolution scanner to scan the 24 images I needed to build the base.


The McMorran's

I restored these photos for my mum. One was her grandfather, one her grandmother and the other was a family portrait taken shortly after their 1946 arrival in Canada.

The family photo had been defaced and my mum’s sisters face removed. I did have other photos of my aunt which I used to reconstruct the damaged area.

RCAF India 1930

I was given an photo album containing 58 faded, torn and badly yellowed images. I was asked to reconstruct, restore and print an archival copy the album photos. I was also asked to make a DVD production of the album for distribution.