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Photo Courtesy of ben j. cote from Pexels

my vector work

Follow the the page links to display a few random samples of projects I have worked on.

my raster work

I would love to have to eye of my professional photographer friends. They are masters of light.

I do separate my photo restoration work from photo editing work. Restoration aims to preserve and reconstruct the any lost details of an image, while editing aims to manipulate, add or subtract and alter an image.

My favorite restoration project was a commissioned work for the Honourable Mr. Justice Larry Klein. 

I was commissioned to restore a large, late 1800’s photo of the ministry staff posed on the steps of Scollard Hall, the then acting courthouse for the district.  I scanned and assembled over a dozen 2400 dpi optical resolution scans to come up with the final image to restore. My work hangs in North Bay Ontario’s Provincial Court House.

My travel photos are a mish mash of places of been over the years.