A little bit of the design back stories...


An engineering friend approached me to design a logo, packaging, and marketing materials for this handy little tape measure attachment he had designed for a client. I wanted something that would identify his product and stand out on the shelf.

The name “Tape Buddy” influenced the design of the friendly, happy and memorable tape measure character used on their packaging and marketing materials.


An award winning ACTRA acquaintance of mine from North Bay makes short films through Pair of Ducks Production company.  On this project, along with the promotion posters, DVD label and cover, he tasked me to design and construct a few donation box props used by one of the actors. I invented the name of the charity and designed around that theme. 

Bump and Jump

A gruffy looking, old man came into my computer shop one day trying to raise money for Autism.

Never ever judge a book by its cover. This man turned out to be a genius.

He was selling crude working protypes of a strategy, checkers-kind-of-chess game he had invented, called “Bump and Jump”.  I asked if I could help him and his cause by taking his game to the next level. I saw a golden opportunity for Autism Canada fund raising campaign and a reward for him an his dedication.

So, I picked up the gauntlet and rose to the occasion. I designed the logo, reworked the game board, as well as layout and editing for instructions on the bottom.

I used a standard 20 x 30 game box layout that was output to print-ready PDF files.

The Anniversary

An award winning ACTRA acquaintance of mine from North Bay makes short films through Pair of Ducks Production company. For this project I designed the DVD label and cover along with the promotional posters.

Usually he just gives me a copy of the video along with the text and says, “go to it”. Then sends requested edits.